30 Day Challenges

Every month I will offer a challenge. They will be challenges that I am taking on personally, so if you decide to join me, you've got at least one person to hold you accountable!

The challenges will vary. They might be centered around fitness, writing, reading every day, practicing gratitude, talking to a stranger every day, or maybe eating a salad 5 days a week for a month.

They will be from different domains every month, so within the full year we've had a chance to bring every area of our lives into focus. By giving every area of our life some love and attention, I think we will find that we are living a more healthy and balanced life. 

The monthly challenges will be:

  • specific

  • designed to make us stretch ourselves

  • rewarding

If you choose to join me in a challenge, I will provide weekly email support to remind you and motivate you on your journey.

Click here to find the list of current and past challenges.

Don't want to participate in the current challenge? No problem! Browse some past challenges and pick one you like - they never go out of style.