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Pleased to meet you! Let me introduce myself and tell you what this blog is all about.
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The core of this blog is the pursuit of higher performance in all aspects of life.

What it comes down to is having the right set of habits. I've dedicated my life to finding those right habits to increase performance over the long term.


It's my mission to use my experience to help you reach the next level in your life, whatever that may be for you.

We're humans, and we are hard-wired to always push to get better. Whether you're struggling like hell or having your best year yet, you know you can improve.

To improve, you have to be ready to make some changes in your life.
To make change, you've got to own it.
You've got to get emotionally invested.
And along the way, you've got to have some fun!

By improving every area of your life a little bit, you get big returns. That's the power of synergy. When all the little things in your life start lining up, some really big things start happening.

Everyone has access to the mindset shifts and techniques that can take us to the next level. We just have to find them and properly implement into our lives.

Follow along with me. I'm pushing myself to the greatest heights of my life, and I'm confident we can get you doing the same. Before you know it, you'll be crushing it every day!

I want to help you win.

Will you join me?


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Who is Kevin?

My story starts in Minneapolis with a divorce in 2011.
I married my college sweetheart right after we graduated in 2009, and things were fine... until they weren't anymore.

At first I was hurt, trying to place blame anywhere but myself. I was angry, resentful.
How could she do that to me!

With the help of a few wonderful friends, I started healing. I took the opportunity to forge deeper relationships with the people in my life.
I eventually woke up to reality: it was my fault we got divorced.

Or at least, 50% my fault. I took ownership over my stake in the failed marriage.

Rather than letting it break me, I got on a path of self-discovery that I still walk today.

That fall, I moved to Los Angeles, where I had some more hard knocks, struggling with unemployment and a coldness of spirit that the sunny weather just couldn't warm.
I let the hard times break me for a while. I was depressed.

I found my ticket out, three years later. I took a job teaching English at a private academy in Korea in early 2014.

For those two years I blossomed - socially, anyway. I met great people and had a lot of fun.
Professionally and in most other ways though, I stagnated.
So when I returned to my hometown to live with my parents for a brief time in 2016, I was again crushed by the weight of a depression that always seemed to linger under the surface.

I spent four months feeling sorry for myself.

A few times, I would wake up with some fire in my belly again, only to see it disappear minutes later. I might feel good for a few days, if I was lucky.

Then one day in December, I woke up earlier than I had in months, and something clicked.
I immediately told myself, this is who I am now.
I'm someone who wakes up early.
... But what do motivated people do when they're up at 5:30am?

So I opened up a podcast.

I had been letting a particular series rot on my desktop for a few months, but it seemed like the right one. I started taking notes, asking myself questions about what I wanted, what I was good at, what I was prepared to commit to.

A diehard quest for personal development was born that day.

In 2016, sleeping on my parents' couch, was the lowest I've ever been.
I vowed to myself I will never get that low again.

Can you guess what I left out of the story?

The secret weapon I discovered that really made my recovery from depression feel inevitable, unstoppable...


Through all my ups and downs, the one thing with me all the while was my writing. Every time I've fallen into depression, my writing was there to show me the truth, to lift me back up. It reflected my darkness and self-loathing back at me. Days after writing something, I always felt shocked to read those dark and stormy words.
That is not who I am.

So I would get to work, identifying what needed to change.

It took me until I was 28 to realize what I had known all along - that I am a writer. I've always been a writer, since elementary school when my teachers asked to keep a copy of my work to show the next class.

Something stopped me from ever taking it seriously. I let the world convince me I couldn't make money from it. I convinced myself of a thousand things, all untrue and completely detrimental to my growth as an artist, so I never got started.

Until June 28, 2015, when everything changed.
After a particularly illuminating video chat with my oldest friend, something inside of me suddenly fell into place. It felt like a hundred bricks just disappeared from my shoulders. A cloudy veil had been removed from my eyes.

I told myself:
I am a writer.
I intend to become exceptional at it.
It is important to who I am to do well at it.

So here I am, passionate about my writing and my personal development. And hell-bent on bringing you the nuts and bolts to bring your passions to life.

If I can help lift you up, it will give me the greatest satisfaction.

I don't get out of bed every morning feeling excited just because I love my life. I get out of bed, ready to crush it, because I love my job teaching children. I love seeing them light up when they realize they can do something they couldn't do before. I love the raw joy of learning and mastering new skills.

And I'm going to love serving you.

Please join me on this grand journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. We put self in front of those words, but the honest-to-god truth is, you need a community to get you where you want to go.

I hope you will be part of my community, and that I can be part of yours.