I Failed the NaNoWriMo Challenge

I failed.

Not just a little bit. I failed hard.
I failed so hard I haven't written anything serious in nearly four months.

50,000 words in November felt easy because in October, I was on top of the world. I finally got my new site up and running. I got a ton of content drafted and ready to edit for posting. I wrote over 3,000 words a day multiple times, and ended the month with over 40,000 words.

Attempting to Teach Personal Development to Kindergartners

I'm a kindergarten teacher for an English academy in Korea.

They are six years old, and last week I planned a lesson to teach them stress management. But it wasn't just stress management - it was personal development concepts distilled for kindergartners.

Am I crazy? Is this going to work? 
Will 6 year-old kids care about this?
A lot of questions went through my mind when I got this lesson idea, but I had to try.

How to Write a Book in 12 Simple Steps

Writing a book doesn't have to be hard. The process is simple and repeatable.

You don't have to spend years agonizing over the words, editing 20 drafts, producing this century's greatest masterpiece.

You DO have to sit down and work at it. Every day. 
You can dispel any romantic ideas you have about living the writer's lifestyle. The fame, the relaxation, just write for an hour a day and then go sit on your hammock.

Writing is a grind, and you have to keep coming back to it, no matter how crappy you feel. Pages don't write themselves.

Ten lessons learned from 7 months of procrastinating

I went on a rampage last December, searching for ways to become more disciplined, focused, and productive.

I had been unemployed and depressed — basically useless for 4 months, and I was chomping at the bit for a change.

I wanted to get off my ass and start taking my writing seriously, so I spent three solid months consuming every article I could find on writing, blogging, productivity, and online marketing. I had big plans to re-launch a more professional blog, write a post every week, and write a book this year.

Then I moved to Korea and started teaching kindergarten and elementary for 10 hours a day.

The dramatic shift in my environment was more difficult than I anticipated, so all my plans went nowhere. My writing has taken 7 months to get back on track.